Nowadays, what to talk to girls about has become one of the most popular questions. Most of the guys are wondering, how to communicate with a girl properly. It seems quite complicated questions because one has to learn everything. Most of the guys are not in confidence because they have a fear of rejection.

All you need to start a normal conversation with a girl then you should start flirt with her. You should ask important questions related to their life. Like, if they are talking openly with you, then it means she is interested in you.  If you want to know how to talk with a girl, then the following steps would be beneficial for you.

  • Friendly conversation

Nothing is better than friendly conversations because it will make great bonding.  Make sure that you are talking funny things with her. Apart from that, you should talk more than three or four hours on the call. She will feel more comfortable with you.

  • Talk about a common friend

If you want to talk for several hours, then you should bring a mutual friend into the conversation.  It is one of the best ideas that will improve the overall bonding. However, what to talk to girls about has become a burning query.

  • share experience

The individual should share their interesting life experience with her because girls like interesting guys over serious ones.

Moving further, if you want to impress someone, then you should have complete information about her.