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www.savethenimrods.org is web site dedicated to saving the new Nimrod MRA4s and protecting the UK

Following the Strategic Defence and Security Review, the Government announced that it was to scrap the Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaissance aircraft. These planes, which have already been paid for by the taxpayer and are nearly complete (one has already been delivered to the RAF), are the most capable and versatile of their type in the world. Now they are to be cut up for scrap, equivalent to burning billions of pounds of our money!

The loss of the MRA will be hugely detrimental to the defence of the UK and its territories and also maritime search & rescue. The Government claims it can cover for the loss of the MRA4s by other means, but these cannot possibly be as effective and will clearly come with a financial cost.The UK has been considered to be a great maritime nation, yet it no longer has any maritime reconnaissance aircraft despite having the second or third largest defence budget in world.